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Examples – websites

Responsive web design generates higher conversions across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
**All website examples are what clients wanted, some are **Designed by Creative Pieces

Lowrider Pimps Created site, Photography , store, flash **


Fluroro Test **Design by Creative Pieces

Created Site, Testing Software Intergration, Membership based pay site.


Burn One Productions Created site, Set Photography, Calendar Photography, Blog Creation.
Cuban Market Created Site & Photography
Castle Green  Created site, asp Picture Gallery, etc.


La Pachuca Created site (on going Website Maintance/updates) , Catalog Photography, Flash Animations, Photography, Custom Calendar App,
ANR Industries **Design by Creative Pieces

Created Site (on going work), Flash Animations

In Demand Band Created site, photography, easy show update and easily updated by band.
Boogie Box Fitness Created Site, Photography
Catalina By Design Online Booking (Shopping Cart) Created Store part ONLY, using previous art. Using Shopping Cart for online store.
Rad Tech Review **Design by Creative Pieces

Created Site, Testing Software Intergration, Membership based pay site (using paypal)

La Cholita Created Site, Hand Painted Design painted by her mother, custom calendar application
House Of Glass Jewelry  client updates and design changes, easy set up –


3D model programming for web Created the player to view the 3D model and controlled lighting, shading, etc.. Click & Drag Mouse to move the model.

3D Demo

# 1 site for Interactive spins, panos for major car companies,  Flash programming, creating movies from frames, retouching, QuickTime Programming with LiveStage, etc.

QT Programming

World famous Musician, artist, Put  the “A” in  A & M records. **Design by Creative Pieces

Flash animation and design, html


World famous Diamond Dave Somerville, original singer for The Diamonds Flash animations and design, audio in various formats. html, design


Buck McCoy Great Country music ! **Design by Creative Pieces

Designed Site, currently in progress

# 1 site for Interactive spins, panos for major car companies,  Flash design and animating logo with morphing


Promotion for internet radio station, contest. **Design by Creative Pieces

Designed large Flash movie in center about contest for island.

This site was made for catalina cruises for a cruise, this party turned out to be one of the best Y2K parties around with 3 boats aligned, cruising. This site was also made into a brochure with the same menu like layout, this is made in early 1999 but still a nice piece.

New Years Y2K

Examples of various tests Examples of various tests


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We can help design you website, take all the photography or video, create your business cards, create flyers, banners. Host your site if needed. We can do maintenance and much more ... We can help you start your company or keep it going ! so Send us a message now = Click to SEND a Quick Online message

Professional Business Photography – Headshots and more

Also when making the websites, we can take photography and put it on the websites, create flyers, online videos and much more. Contact us...

Creative graphics that work

All photography, web design, programming by Creative Pieces / Jaymz Eberly / Eberly Photo