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Creative Pieces will help you design a great website. We have the best expertise for the web. We can make your site professional and what fits your needs. We utilize the latest technology. We can put up Digital Video or other of todays advanced media . . . we will make your site stand out. Also we can make music video and business commercials among many other things. Visit ; http://eberlyProductions.com to see what we are doing this year. Check out our EXAMPLES . . .

What we offer: Photography: Catalog photography, headshots, family portraits, event photography, etc. Web Design/hosting: Start up sites with PayPal or shopping cart, Web site creation/Hosting (quality and afordable)UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH AND STORAGE !! Email thru POP or Gmail, Flash Animated sites, Etc. Print : Banner, Flyers, Bussiness Cards, Etc. Over 15 years of expertise in Design!

Creative Pieces offer hosting at a very reasonable rate. We can purchase your www. name also. One Stop Location, why go anywhere else? We can do it all for you!

Your website is the center of your digital marketing statement — We want the best for you and the largest of its traffic sources is generally organic search.

Sometimes, businesses don’t think about SEO until after a website is created (or redesigned), and these sites are often sadly lacking on the SEO and digital marketing front. They may look great, but if the marketing smarts are not inserted in at design time, then you will have issues working with your marketing. Or at the very least, faced with going back to the drawing board and wasting a whole load of time and money.

all in one stop - What we can do for Companies:

We can help design you website, take all the photography or video, create your business cards, create flyers, banners. Host your site if needed. We can do maintenance and much more ... We can help you start your company or keep it going ! so Send us a message now = Click to SEND a Quick Online message

Professional Business Photography – Headshots and more

Also when making the websites, we can take photography and put it on the websites, create flyers, online videos and much more. Contact us...

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